C. Magic would like to welcome you to his official website. Please take time to explore the magical experience within, and please indulge yourself with the photos and videos. He is sure you will enjoy the content therein. 

C. Magic loves to entertain audiences of all ages, and is always applying new and innovative  magic, and illusions in his shows, to keep everyone amazed and engaged. He interfuses comedy, drama, action, and audience participation into his magical performances which leaves you wanting more. 

Should you be in need of C. Magic's entertaining services for your social or special event, please do not hesitate to contact him for availability and pricing. So, relax, kickback, and enjoy as you prepare to "C. Magic Happen!"

C. Magic performed at the Variety Fantastique event, on Monday, February 3, 2020 at the Highland Inn & Ballroom, Atlanta, GA. The audience was extremely exhilarating and the other talented variety entertainers performed very well.  C. Magic and his magical shenanigans were a well received with much laughter, astonishment, and applause! Special thanks to the producers for allowingC. Magic  to showcase his magical entertainment at a wonderful venue. 

C. Magic showed up, showed out, and ROCKED the Winter Carnival of Magic in Tennessee, with his mesmerizing high energy performance. It was quite an experience for the audience as they were intrigued by C. Magic's appearance and showmanship. Many of his magical peers and audience members who had never seen C. Magic perform in person were very impressed and congratulated him on his stage performance. 

Welcome To C. Magic Happen!