The fire safety awareness program uses magic to enhance the important details such as fire is a tool not a toy, the fire pyramid (tetrahedron), how to properly use a fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, the stop, drop, and roll technique, and much more.

C. Magic's dynamic and imaginative delivery, magical props, and interactive routines are sure to leave a positive learning experience for every participant.Type your paragraph here.

C. Magic is proud to present "Mama May I…Go to the Park?” it is the first book in the "Mama May I?" series which is loosely based on a children’s game named “Mother May I?” In the game, you had to ask “Mother” how many steps you may take to reach her. It was up to her discretion whether you moved forward or remained where you stood. This story follows Tommy, who wants to go to the park and continues to ask his mother if they can go. However, for Tommy to be rewarded, he must first do his chores and listen to his mother. The story is based on family values, listening skills, and task completion with reward. This is a great book for children ages 4 to 8 and highly recommended. To order your copy of "Mama May I...Go to the Park?" in paperback or e-book, click on the button below. 

C. Magic with a Message 

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C. Magic has combined his magical talents along with more than 20 years of firefighting and fire safety awareness training, to develop an innovative style of educating and entertaining children as well as adults. He calls it, "C. Magic with a Message: Mentoring Program" and "C. Magic with a Message: Fire Safety Awareness."

The mentoring program offers middle school aged children an exciting and interactive way to better understand peer pressure, self-worth, leadership, patience, bullying, and other life skills topics utilizing magic as a catalyst to help perpetuate the various topics.

Mama May I... Go to the Park?

During these special times, we at C. Magic Happen Entertainment, LLC, are doing our best to advocate social distancing, wearing of masks, and practicing safe measures. However, we can not mandate that everyone must wear masks or take proper precautions, but it would be advantageous to do so! Nevertheless, C. Magic Happen Entertainment, LLC is open for business as usual!